Frequently Asked Questions

Got something to ask us ? Maybe we already have an answer ready for you.  Here’s some of the questions we get the most.


Can I have the nutritive value of your products? 

You can use the following link to see the nutritive values of each product:

Can I keep my juices out of the fridge?

No, our products must stay refrigerated at all times.

I find your juices expensive, why?

Cold pressed juices are still quite unknown, that’s why the price may seem surprising. Far from being a conventional pasteurized juice, each bottle of 355 mL contains 1.5 kg of fruits and vegetables. After we’ve pressed and bottled the juice, we use a hyperbaric chamber technique to preserve the juice, giving it a long shelf life but keeping the juice alive. We avoid pasteurization, diluting with water, added sugar and none of our juices are from concentrate. Although the price may seem high, imagine how much it would cost to buy 1.5 kg of fruits and veggies :)

What’s the capital of Uzbekistan?


How long are your products good for? 

The expiry date is written on the cap (if you order online, we guarantee min. 2 weeks from the date of your purchase). Once opened, we recommend drinking the 355 mL within 4 days, and the 1 L within 6 days. But they are so good you will finish them in seconds :)


What are the delivery fees?

Your LOOP box delivery is free !

What’s the delay of delivery?

We offer delivery on Wednesday and Friday. To receive your box on Wednesday, you will need to place your order before Monday at 4PM. To receive it on Friday, please place your order before Wednesday at 4PM.

Can I track my order? 

Yes, you will receive a tracking number the day before delivery that you can then track on Loomis’ Website:

Is your Marketing guy single?

Yes, Felix is single. 

Our mission

Why are your bottles made of plastic if you are an environmental company?

Plastic is one of our primary considerations. In fact, Julie, our co-founder and president, has been studying the subject of material life cycles and the impact of plastics for 3 years! We thought long and hard about the best material to accomplish our mission and it was PET #1 (plastic) that won the battle! PET #1 is the most valuable recyclable material on the market and in fact, is the most recycled material. Its environmental impact in terms of GHG emissions is even lower than glass or aluminum. If you want to access the document that summarizes a compilation of studies and Life Cycle Analyses on the 3 potential materials, feel free to contact us. Like us, you will surely be very surprised by the conclusion!

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