Nobody likes to be rejected, not even food.

Yep, you can now get our juices online.
Time to go crazy.


Our Rescue Mission

LOOP repurposes the outcasts of the food industry.


LOOP is a circular economy project created by like-minded dreamers sharing a common goal: to put an end to food waste. It’s pretty simple: we give value back to rejected food by transforming it into awesome products.

A little reality check

In Canada, 56% of the food is thrown away. Not necessarily because it’s not good for consumption anymore, but mostly due to stock management issues and our pickiness, as consumers, on how our food should look.

image de légumes

Perfectly Imperfect

No, we’re not dumpster divers that rummage through your neighbour’s garbage bin, nor do we use hairy food left on the shelves of your local market. We collaborate with major food industry actors to save perfectly good products discarded before even reaching grocery stores.

roue loop animés
image d'une goute d'eau

Our products

Cold-Pressed juices & smoothies

Early bird class=
Green vibes class=
Wild summer class=
Easy Peasy class= Undercover class= King of the Hill class= Morning Glory class= Beach Bum class= High Achiever class= Big Bang class= Loco Local class=

Sparkling water kefirs

Orange Clementine Sweet-fern class=
Strawberry Labrador Tea class=
Ginger Goldenrod class=

Beers and spirit

Cherry Dragon fruit class=
Mango Coco class=
Orange Vanilla class=
Hoppy Sour class=
Berliner Weisse class= Gose class= Saison class= Gin class=

Fruity soaps

Pineapple Activated Charcoal class= Orange Turmeric class= Grapefruit Ginger class= Cucumber Lime class= Lemon Honey class=
Flèche Loop

But, wait. there’s more.

To close the loop, and satisfy the whole family, we give our still very nutritious high-fiber pulp to a company that turns it into fabulous dog treats.

image de nourriture pour chien loop
Flèche Loop


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Flèche Loop

The Rescue Squad’s Achievements

As of today, we’ve collectively had this environmental impact:


4 580

TONS of Fruits & Vegetables rescued


3 695

TONS of Greenhouse Gas Emissions avoided


361 843 328

LITERS of Water saved


1 250 410

SLICES of Bread rescued