Saison - Sour beer
Saison - Sour beer - LOOP Mission
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Saison - Sour beer

Real, freshly-squeezed ginger root is out of this world; it’s nothing like the pink stuff found alongside wasabi. Combined with the intensity of pure lemon juice, we have a perfectly balanced sour Saison. Divine equilibrium, nirvana in the mouth, the return of the Dalai Lama. If we knew how to speak the language of beer, we would say it’s sour, vivid and slightly spicy.

3.5 alc./vol.
473 mL

Proudly brewed by

(Quebec only)

In Quebec, you can find our beers in most beer retailers and main banners.

Organic malted barley, Organic malted wheat, Rescued bread, Cold-pressed lemon juice, Cold-pressed ginger juice, Organic hops, Yeast.
Contains: Soy.
May contain: Sesame seeds.

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