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Why drink cold-pressed juice vs. regular juice?

Why drink cold-pressed juice vs. regular juice?

Cold-pressed juice has been a health craze for a while now. Juice cleanses, detox teas, and apple cider vinegar have all gained their own spotlight, but just because a health trend is popular, doesn’t mean it’s healthy or that it’s the right one for you. There’s actually a big difference between cold-pressed juice (like the ones we have here at LOOP) and regular juice. So let’s jump right into it! 💪

The benefits of LOOP cold-pressed juice

Cold-pressed juice is created through a unique method that involves hydraulic presses to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. What sets it apart is the absence of heat during the extraction process. Instead, the juice is squeezed out using immense pressure, preserving the maximum amount of nutrients, enzymes, and flavour. In essence, it’s just like you would make it at home, by squeezing the juice out of the fruit, except we use large machines to do it! This method of extraction is what allows for a multitude of benefits, such as:

  1. Higher Nutrient Retention: Since cold-pressed juice avoids heat and oxidation, it retains more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than its regular counterpart. This means you get a more potent dose of essential nutrients with every sip.
  2. Better Enzyme Activity: Cold-pressed juice maintains the natural enzymes present in fruits and vegetables, which aid in digestion and nutrient absorption.
  3. Rich and Pure Flavour Profile: The gentle extraction process of cold-pressed juice preserves the natural flavours, resulting in a more intense and fresh taste.
  4. Lower Sugar Content: Cold-pressed juice tends to have less sugar compared to regular juice, as it avoids the heat-induced breakdown of complex sugars into simpler, less healthy forms.
  5. Improved Digestibility: Cold-pressed juice is easier on the stomach as it is less likely to cause bloating or discomfort compared to regular juice, which can be harsh on the digestive system.
  6. Fights Food Waste: Since LOOP Cold-pressed Juice is made with upcycled fruits and veggies, it is a sustainable option compared to other juices on the market. 

The truth about regular juice

Regular juice, which may or may not be made from concentrate, offers convenience and a broader range of flavours but often sacrifices nutritional value and can contain added sugars and preservatives. Unlike cold-pressed juice, regular juice uses a heat and oxidation method. This pasturization process leads to significant nutrient degradation. This means you're missing out on important vitamins and minerals.

  1. Nutrient Loss: The pasteurization process often reduces the nutritional value due to heat and oxidation during extraction.
  2. Enzyme Degradation: The high-speed blending or juicing process often destroys the natural enzymes present in fruits and vegetables, hindering digestion and nutrient absorption.
  3. Higher Sugar Content: Regular juice tends to be higher in sugar, as the heat from blending can break down complex sugars into simpler, less beneficial forms. 
  4. Flavour and Aroma Alterations: Concentration and reconstitution can sometimes lead to changes in the taste and aroma of the juice, making it less similar to freshly squeezed or cold-pressed juice.
  5. Preservative Additives: To extend shelf life and maintain flavour, some juices made from concentrate may contain added preservatives, flavourings, or sweeteners.

All in all, we know that consuming foods in their pure, whole, and most natural forms is more beneficial for our bodies. LOOP Cold-pressed Juices are raw, natural, vegan, and sustainable. The cold extraction allows for an unprocessed and premium quality juice. The burst of flavour from the raw enzymes create a fresh and delicious product that’s free of any additives or preservatives. 

In conclusion, the choice between cold-pressed juice and regular juice isn't just about taste—it's about your health. While both options may seem similar, cold-pressed juice emerges as the clear winner in terms of nutrition and overall well-being. Containing up to 3 pounds of rescued fruits and vegetables per bottle, our cold-pressed juices offer a fresh, convenient, and delicious way to get in your vitamins and nutrients. We hope that you’ll continue to enjoy LOOP Cold-pressed Juices and we thank you for helping us fight food waste! ✊😏

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