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Histoire de succès – Loop, la mission d’abord! (Article - FR)

The Marylin Denis Show

How this couple from Montreal is reducing their food waste. (Video - EN)

National Post

Food-waste fighting powerhouse LOOP Mission empowers consumers to make an impact with their dollar. (Article - EN)


LOOP just launched a sustainable gin & It's perfect for Summer sipping. (Video - EN)

BT Toronto

When Life Gives You Leftovers…Make Gin! (Video - EN)

CHCH Hamilton

How do you make the delicious foods of summer even better? Make sure they’re sustainable with LOOP Mission! (Video - EN)

"Ça vaut le coup"

Eve Beaudin presents a portrait on LOOP Mission, the circular economy champion. (Video - FR)

"L'Arène des affaires"

Visit at LOOP Mission's Factory when we just won the Best Canadian Start-Up award. (Video - FR)

"Portrait éclair"

Portait éclair de David Côté et Julie Poitras-Saulnier. (Video - FR)

"Dragon's Den"

Julie and David pitch to squeeze out an investment from the Dragons. (Video - EN)

"Dans l'oeil du Dragon"

Pitching at Dragon's Den had a huge impact for us! (Video - FR)

Canadian Grocer

The founders of Montreal’s Loop Mission are tackling food waste, one cold-pressed juice at a time (Article p.9 - EN)

CBC News

Montreal company, LOOP Mission, aims to reduce waste by making beer from old bread. (Article - EN)

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