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A little reality check

In Canada, 50% of all food is thrown away. While some of this waste is unavoidable, the majority is driven by stock management issues and our pickiness, as consumers, on how our food should look.

Our Rescue Mission

LOOP Mission is a circular economy project that aims to reduce food waste by repurposing the outcasts of the food industry. In a nutshell, we save fruits and veggies that are rejected because they don’t have the proper shape, size or a shelf life that is not long enough to survive the cycle of distribution. We transform them into awesome cold pressed juices.

But we’re not a juice company, we’re a food waste fighting powerhouse. We have beers brewed with day old bread, a gin distilled using potato cuttings from a potato chip factory, hand-crafted soaps made with rejected cooking oil... and this is only the beginning! There are so many exciting things still to come, all saving more food products from needless waste.

But wait. There's more

To close the loop and satisfy our furriest family members along the way, we supply our own byproduct - nutritious, high-fiber pulp - to a company that turns it into fabulous dog treats.

The Rescue Squad

Let’s not forget our most important asset: The Rescue Squad. That’s our team of superheroes who work their A$& off every single day toward one common goal: reducing food waste.

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